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Behind The Flow “Order Flow”

There is a reason why it’s called  behind the flow, cause you will literally know where orders are going to be at and exploit it for profits.

Stop Predicting and Start Responding to market activities.

I’m FJ Trader and I intend to show you 95% predictiblity factor in forex marekts.

You will no longer be guessing.

The chart below shows Mon thru Friday’s action. Pay close attention to the location of EP (Equilibrium Point) in relation to price action.

Few things can really happen around EP: 1. Price Bounce off of EP.  2. Price Break thru. 3. Price bounce of certain amount of pips and reestablish trend 4. Price Break thru only to come back and test the EP.

A trader is faced with decisions to make when price approach EP. Most traders left guessing.. and usually take the wrong direction.

But sequence of events are the objective rules behind order flow that most traders are not even aware of…

Daily Sequence and Intraday Sequence based on Time will show you before hand where those orders will be established and will execute trades profitably.

LEVELII trading screens only show Volume info, No Sequence of Events.

In Fact You Don’t even need charts to trade with


What about Intraday Swings?

Please examine the chart below, and notice how daily sequence affects intraday swings based on orderflow.

Recognize the moves… but its not one pattern its a sequence of events.. meaning next Friday won’t look like this Friday’s action, instead will follow a sequence of events based on Intent and Objectives financial planning.

You will however be able to formulate orderflow intraday map and trade on the fly……


It Gets Easier, Intraday smaller swings of 30-60 pips with total compliance of order flow sequence. Intent and Objectives.

YOU DON”T NEED A CHART TO TRADE!!!…………. You may use charts to help you visually, however you can totally trade independent of charts.


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